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We drove like hell to the university
To talk to a professor of philosophy
Famed author in deconstruction and etymology
Who was speaking on the resurgence of theosophy
We asked him what could all this terror mean
He pointed to his television screen
As the spirits bet who could consume the most
The professor raised his glass to propose a toast
He said, “This is a spiritual awakening.”
He’d been looking for it since 1960

The science tower tall, stark, and ominous
Like a savior it drew us to its breast
As the scientist sucked on his cigarettes
The radio announced the daily deaths
We asked him what are we to make of this
Said he was dying to get to where the action is
To remove the masks of “all of those counterfeits”
Who had “sunk into the paranormal pit”
He smiled at the thought of making history
He’d been waiting for his chance since 1960

Where do we go, what do we do?
Who has an answer, which one is true?
Which turn is right, which turn is wrong?
What is the tune, who knows the song?

Dr. Childeed, the surgeon of the century
In the makeup room with blush on his cheek
Prepared for his fifteen minute spotlight
The first surgery of its kind on t.v.
He said, “Boys, boys, I don’t have time for you
I’m on in six minutes, sit down, enjoy the view”.
As the pregnant mother held tightly to her rights
The doctor wrestled with the fetus, held it up to the lights
He cried, “Peoples of the world, we’ve just made history
I’ve been hoping for this day since 1960”.

Where do we go, what do we do?
Who has an answer, which one is true?
Which turn is right, which turn is wrong?
What is the tune, who knows the song?

The spiritualist, mad-stricken, in a strange voice he sings
At a séance proposed by presidents and kings
He started his career reading palms, went on to bigger things
Like cosmic consciousness, astral travel, and spirit channeling
He leaned back and vomited a prophecy
A stinking form appeared and it began to speak
The governors shrank, the politicians ran
To flee the terror they had conjured up to man
It said, “I am the ruler of the earth and sea;
I’ve been waiting for this night since the dawn of history”.

© 1993 Todd R. Long & Charles Bradford
All Rights Reserved


from Last Train Out of Babylon (Act 1), released October 10, 2016
Music & Lyrics: Todd R. Long & Charles Bradford
Produced by Todd Long & Charles Bradford
Todd Long (lead vocal, bass, drums)
Charles Bradford (backing vocal, keyboard)
Brian Mulhearn (guitars)



all rights reserved


MISSION 66 Vicksburg, Mississippi

MISSION 66 is a long-term art project by Charles Bradford and Todd R. Long. Comprising rock and roll, poetry, visual arts, and video, MISSION 66 expresses by alluring artistic means the moral transformation in two friends over a lifetime.

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